About Tammy

After receiving my BFA in Interior Design I went straight to work as a designer. I loved it, the pace, the projects, the collaboration. I stumbled into sales after taking what I thought would be a brief gig as a Customer Service rep for a large textile company. Seeing “behind the scenes” of sales peaked my interest and I wanted in on the action. I am a problem solver at heart and my time in CS instilled in me the belief that “NO” is not an answer, it’s “let’s find a solution.” That can-do spirit is a part of the Atelier culture.

Atelier has been very selective with the companies we represent. All are design driven, recognized for top quality products and don’t bat an eye when it comes to customs. We’ve kept our group of products and vendors lean, allowing us to give the utmost attention to our clients.

Your job is to design, my job is to make it easier. I am here to help!